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We customise products, handle packaging, label branding, and provide doorstep delivery. All according to the customers’ requirements. Only the finest ingredients are sourced to ensure that all your products are of the highest quality before being released into the market.


1. Customer Enquiry

Customers can contact us at:-
i) Suree Food Website –
ii) Suree Food Office Email:
iii) Suree Food Office Number: +604-425 0993 / +6019-281 9018

2. Business Consultation

We carefully listen to our customers’ requests and provide detailed suggestions. Our extensive experience enables us to propose the best plan that meets their requirements.

3. Quotation

We will issue an official quotation to our customers. This includes the price per carton/drum and payment details.

4. Order

The customer places an order after accepting the OEM agreement.

OEM agreement will be attached in a separate file.

5. Obtain Customer Info

Customers provide their company information, logo (Adobe Illustrator/ PDF), and barcode (if any) for label/carton artwork design.

The customer could also send us ready-made artwork in Adobe Illustrator/PDF format.

We will then compile all the necessary information from customers and forward it to our supplier for label/carton artwork design.

6. Artwork Confirmation

The artwork design must be confirmed by the customer with a signature and company stamp.

Once the artwork is confirmed by the customer, any revision at this point is strongly discouraged. If revisions are necessary, the customer will be responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of the additional modifications.

Customers must make advance payment for the mold creation and label to our supplier before we proceed with label printing.

7. Production

Production will start immediately after the printed labels and cartons are received. Customers are advised to inform us in advance of rush order requests.

8. Delivery

Products are shipped out to customers within 3-14 working days.


Suree Food offers wholesale fish sauce products at a favourable price. We produce only the finest fish sauce, catered to your needs.