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Fish Sauce


Fish Sauce is a Southeast Asian condiment used in various savoury dishes. Made from the extracted liquid of fermented fish and salt, fish sauce has an amber colour and a strong, pungent flavour.

Most commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking especially in Malay, Chinese, Thai, Indonesia, and Vietnamese cuisine, it is predominantly used to balance the taste in recipes for marinades, dipping sauces, and stir-fries.

Following widespread recognition of its ability to impart umami flavour to many popular dishes, it has been embraced globally by chefs and home cooks.


Fish Sauce is an indispensable seasoning for every home-cooked Thai dishes for example Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, and Pad Krapow. It can also be used as a marinade for fresh meat or enhance the umami taste of other condiments such as chives and peppers.

Besides improving flavour, fish sauce also helps to improve health benefits. It derives vital nutrients and minerals contained in fish and fish organs, and it is enhanced by fermentation. This includes protein, iodine, vitamins A and D.

The protein content in fish sauce can help to lower blood pressure and improve the skeletal muscle’s ability to absorb free amino acids, which are necessary for muscle growth. It helps in tissue repair as it stimulates the production and action of insulin in the body.