Suree Food

Suree Food is a proudly Malaysian-based family business with more than 40 years of experience in producing high-quality fish sauce since 1976. We are located in Sungai Petani, Kedah, and have grown over the years to distribute across all regions in Malaysia.

Today, we are one of the most reputable fish sauce manufacturers in the market. This is achieved by our offerings of home brand fish sauces, raw fish sauces, OEM, and wholesale services. We use only the finest ingredients to guarantee that our clients’ products are made to perfection before it is released into the market or sold to their customers.

All our employees are given intensive training, with an emphasis on hygiene and good manufacturing practice in every stage of our manufacturing process. Our family grew Suree Food to market what has now become an everyday staple condiment, seasoning, and sauce in various cuisines.

  • 1976

    Humble Beginning

    The Chng family started a business in a small town located in Sungai Batu Bujang, Kedah. In the early days, we used drum containers to package our fish sauce.

  • 1996

    Adapting to Market Changes

    Due to the increase in household demand for fish sauce, we started to introduce bottled packaging for our fish sauce.

  • 2002


    With the business growing steadily, we moved to a new and larger facility located in Sungai Tukang, Kedah. This is when we purchased a semi-automatic machine to support large orders from our customers.

  • 2005


    We purchased a new and improved partly- automated machine to raise the performance of our production.

  • 2015


    We acquired a brand new fully-automated packaging machine. Suree Food expanded to a new market and region.

  • 2021

    Where We Are Today

    Today, Suree Food is one of the most reputable fish sauce manufacturers in the market. Our business has grown over the years and distributes across all regions in Malaysia.